Welcome to Anderson Productions
and Video Memories.

  We are a professional video production company, in business for over 25 years, specializing in many areas.

  In the Broadcast arena, we have produced numerous television programs for local, regional, and even national broadcast.
Many of these programs have been in the sports world.  Get more information about our
sports programming at our sports website,
www.southernsportstv.com.  Our other
broadcast experience includes multi-camera
choir concerts and church programs, financial
advice programs, and hunting/fishing

  On the Corporate scene, we have produced successful marketing and promotional videos for companys, corporations, non-profit and religious organizations.  On the left you'll find a Demo Sample of the above areas.

  Our video services include:   Show Choir Competitions, Dance Recitals, Weddings, Wedding Rehearsal-Dinner Videos,
Anniversary Videos, Travel/Vacation Videos.
You'll find information and samples of these services on the following pages.
ANDERSON Productions ::
Email:  info@video-memories.net
Phone:  601-353-7319

Anderson Productions Demo
(Length  10:00)